Thursday, May 21, 2015

Great Minds Think Alike

The below is my personal observation. Before I present an good opportunity to you, I need to overturn some of your deep-rooted mindset. I cannot agree with you more that, everyone with no exception is ANTI gambling, for too many real-life sad stories painting about the tragic life of a hard-core gambler. They perish, they live in great despair and hopelessness at the bottom of their life, etc..But here is something I want to bring to you, a brand-new message, which will overturn this conventional thought about the other side of this ugly facet. It is undoubtedly true that, a hard-core gambler who is only good at betting on sheer lucks with no or little and unproven techniques is undoubtedly doomed to perish sooner or later, for without proper training, it is human nature to easily succumb to GREED and FEAR. Yes gamblers do not know what is DISCIPLINE, as they do not undergo any proper training to emphasize to them this is THE ONLY KEY to the winning! I believe up to this point we are still on the same page. But what I want to share here is the other bright sight of the truth, a totally different phenomena, presented by the so many casinos and lottery operators which prosper and make lucrative profits ALL THE WAY! They are also in this gaming business, aren't they, but WHY? What is the secret here that make them so different? That is because the casinos have never wanted to gamble with the masses! Whether you are aware of it or not, they always have the upper hand of all games, because each game is iteratively tested with articulate mathematical calculation to make sure ACES are always on their side. They prosper because they are doing it in a right way, that is doing business with you, but not gambling with you. The key to their winning is the NON-GAMBLING methods and strategies backed by solid calculation of “probabilities”, "risk", “psychology” and “the law of numbers". Probably to some, what unfolded here are the naked truths which are neither new nor uncommon to them. But it cannot be emphasized enough without the real figures or numbers happening on the ground as quoted here..this headline in the newspaper could not resonate more perfectly well with the truth revealed here ~ Singapore casinos produce $6 billion in gaming revenue in 2013 alone! So you know the difference! Gambling or Not Gambling! A big stark difference. Non-gambling is in fact equivalent to doing business, a business which base on a tightly intertwined integration of the correct method, strategy, operation and mentality. So, will any system prosper just like them, if were to adopt the same strategies? And if there exists one, and when such opportunity is present to you, telling you, "hey, you can be part of this lucrative gaming business, just like them, the professional casinos", will you want to give yourself a chance to learn more, or just turn away despite knowing all these facts above? I have just come across this opportunity, an eye-opening opportunity that make the seemingly impossible POSSIBLE! They rely on the same GREAT MINDS of these lucrative business players! Hereby let me reveal to you, the SureWin4U Casino Realisation System which is under the lead of Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan. It is a great platform that leverages on the same great minds of the casino big shots and therefore they have made a great fortune from it. They are on the right track of mentality, hence unquestionably they will only harvest the same fruits of success.

The Next Wave ~ Convert your Lifetime Expenses into Income! 衣食住行有钱赚!

By the post title itself, it already delivers a revolutionary idea, isn't it? It is not a totally brand-new idea that when you spend you earn, as today there are a lot of consumer cards or programs available that give rebates upon your own purchases. But this is still quite limited and standalone concept, ie you earn on what you spend only. How about if any of your friends spend a cent, YOU EARN too? Will this be an eye-opening concept? Imagine, this could go big and viral easily as everyone is connected via social media today, and any good deal can be so easily shared in a split of seconds. Yes this is what this wave is all about! They spend, but you EARN through the CONSUMER REBATES the company pays to you! So in a nutshell, this will be the phenomena when this wave fully overwhelm us, On every spending of you OR your friend, You Earn! How much you earning will depend on how big your network is! And the crucial point is, these benefits could come from any aspect of one's basic needs - food, clothing, property, transport. This is a passive and steady income to anybody! This is indeed a good news to all consumers who no longer solely exchange money for goods or services, yet at the same time enjoy the sharing of the profit. Also a good news to all affiliated merchants who will no longer having to win the competition edge within their own means but they will be backed by the support of a solid and robust pool of membership via the affiliation with SureWin4U who will be so enthusiastically engaged due to the attractive Spend-and-Earn program. SureWin4U under the lead of Dato Ong Kean Swan will be the trailblazer of this ultimate win-win business model - the Network Enterprise ideology, that completely overturns the conventional concept of goods/services supply and demand. The era of Network Enterprise has finally arrived! Browse through the pictures below to have a feel of how far reaching this concept has been implemented, in the consumption of Clothing, Food, Car, Property, Coffee, Crystal, Jewelry, Locker, Insurance. However this is just the humble beginning of their journey with a lot more in the pipeline. Miracle exist in great minds! Visit this post for the First Wave ~ Earn while you Learn.

Let's get to the gist of the MIRACLE!

SureWin4U - Juz another Miracle? I am not sure how Baccarat game sounds familiar to you. In Baccarat game, the outcome is either "Banker" or "Player", hence majority will think that the winning chance of betting at any one side is 50% only. And therefore I believe most people without exception will be dumbfounded when they are told that there exist a secret formula that promise 99.8% of guaranteed win rates in the Baccarat game. 99.8% is only 0.2% away from 100%. So to them, this sounds like none other than a Sure-Win game. Yes I want to reveal the truth to you that there really is such secret winning recipe in the market, and on top of it, it has been selling like a hot cake today. The recipe maker, the “SureWin4U Group” who created this close to a "miraculous magic" had successfully transformed it into a business platform aka the Earn While You Learn programme, for many to tap on, exploit and leverage to the fullest to achieve their financial freedom. The mastermind behind this creative wonder is none other than the CEO, Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan and his brother, the Premier Consultant, Dato Ong Tong Swan. They are Malaysian Chinese who pledged to assist thousands of people from being perished on the betting tables due to the fatal human evils - greed and fear. Having been dubbed as the God of Baccarat in Cambodia in 2009, Dato Ong Tong Swan did not just take pride in this gifted talent, instead he decided to take one big step forward to make this gift a fortune that can be shared to many people. Hence the Ong brothers founded SureWin4U, and created the Casino Realization System that embeds the winning essence of the recipe. Then, to scale up this business, they had to groom a team of professional baccarat experts also known as the Live Gaming Tables, put them through professional trainings before they can be deployed to work. If you want to LEARN the secret recipe, enroll for their course with a paying fee. However, for anyone who has attended their 99.80% Beginner's Class, you will not forget what Teacher Ong (Ong Tong Swan) has never emphasized enough, that is do not play the game on your own even you have already learned about the 99.80% formula, as besides techniques, what it takes to consistently win in this game is the mental qualities to conquer the ugly Fear and Greed, which as the matter of fact ones could be so easily deprived of the self-control against them on the betting table if ones bet with their own money. If so, what is the purpose to pay and take away this recipe? Yes there is. By learning about the solid viability of this recipe, you will have no doubt but boosted confidence in their Casino Realization System, a system that exist to help you deploy the recipe to the fullest. You will entrust in the system and the Live Gaming Tables to play the games professionally and beautifully on your behalf. They do not have any emotional attachments as they are hired to work for you. What worth being underscored here is that if you are able to detect any flaw in the recipe, and prove your stand, your paid fee will be refunded fully on the spot. But so far noone has ever done that, simply because the recipe is FLAWLESS. All the above illustrated the Learn part, what and how do you Earn then? Well, this is the first-of-its-kind business model that promise to give you consistent CONSUMER REBATES after you have signed up for their course. Depending on the value of course package you signed up for, the group has a set of rules to decide how and when the rebates is returned to you. But the best part of all is, the total rebates you are going to get in the entire period is MORE THAN 2 times of the course fee you paid in the first place. Tell me where else can you find such a good deal? In a nutshell, you Learn by attending a paid-fee course, and without having to do anything else, you Earn the consumer rebates! Visit this post here to find out how this idea has been integrated in their first business model - Earn while you Learn. Under the lead of the Ong brothers, SureWin4U Group since its inception in 2012 July, has now made its strong presence in 22 countries. See this post. Unprecedented, revolutionary, daring, ground-breaking, or sound-too-good-to-be-true? Regardless of how people would like to describe it, this wealth vehicle has been on the move and hopped on by many who have seen it, believed it and eventually transformed their life entirely for the better because of it! Last but not least, Miracle will only be seen by those who are willing to open their hearts to embrace it.

SureWin4U - A strong presence in 22 countries!

Surewin4u now has made its presence in the following markets: 1)Malaysia 2)Mainland China 3)Indonesia 4)Singapore 5)Brunei 6)Hong Kong 7)Taiwan 8)Japan 9)Thailand 10)India 11) Macau 12)United Kingdom 13)United State 14)Canada 15)Poland 16)France 17)New Zealand 18) Norway 19) Hungary 20) South Korea 21) Iraq 22) Sri Lanka A strong foothold in a total of 22 countries with over 130,000 members in just 2 years' time! Below is a full coverage of its recent Recognition Rally at Suntec City, Singapore on 1st May 2014, joined by over 3000 members coming from 21 countries, with 8 of them successfully top the chart with their brilliant and remarkable results, with each having generated an accumulative revenue of over HKD100 millions since day one of their joining in this AMAZING platform! Thanks to Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan for making all these happen with his outstanding leadership and his diligent hard work!

Earn While You Learn

SureWin4U offers you three tiers of proofs as assurance to its members, which no other business model of this kind can easily provide. 1st tier, Mathematical Proof: They prove to you the derivation of 99.80% of Baccarat win rate or 100.0% of Baccarat win rate to students who sign up for their courses. Should the formula be invalidated by the student, a full refund of the paid course fee is guaranteed. 2nd tier, Real Life Proof. Nothing is more convincing than a real-life testimonials shared live on the spot after the class is conducted. Let the life changing success stories bring more faith to you. 3rd tier, 3rd Party Proof. The winning cheques won by the Casino Realisation System will be proved to the students as live evidence during the course. Below is to show a series of runs for the Beginner Class that features the 99.80% win rate and the Advanced Class that features the 100.0% win rate. The glance through of the pictures should already tell you that how fast this business model has gained popularity by looking at the increasing number of the participation, from only a handful since 15th July 2012 to an overwhelming close to 1000 students per session seen in the recent few runs.

The First Wave ~ Earn While You Learn 上课有钱赚!

SureWin4U CEO ~ Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan is a legendary icon famed for his creation of SureWin4U, a remarkable achievement which have transformed many people's life. He is a Malaysian Chinese born in Penang. Not settled his life to an ordinary path which most people are pursuing, at a very young age of 20, Ong Kean Swan already showed his gift for entrepreneurship and business acumen by joining a famous MLM company Melilea. Given his hard work, Ong Kean Swan achieved a highly creditable result as he became Malaysia’s youngest Crown manager in this industry. From 20 to 30, he has gone through a lot of ups and downs in life, some pushing him to the peaks, yet some sinking him to the rock bottom of life. However each ordeal only turned out to be the fruits of labor, which regardless sweet or bitter, had made Ong Kean Swan emerged even better and stronger. To know more, please visit this blog. Finally Ong Kean Swan appeared in this arena again in July 2012 at his prime age of 29, and this time he portrayed an unprecedentedly marvelous creation, the SureWin4U. He is now leading a good many people as close to 130,000, across 22 countries towards attaining their financial freedom by leveraging on this shared wealth platform wholeheartedly. In 2013, Ong Kean Swan was awarded the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) by the Sultan of Pahang, Ahmad Shah which entitled him to use the honorific Dato’. In March 2014, the Malaysian government, at Ong's behest, issued a letter stating that Ong Kean Swan had no adverse record. View this post for the latest happening of Ong Kean Swan. Ong Kean Swan was also noted for his philanthropy, in which the SureWin4U charity work has so far reached out to many charity societies, locally or abroad. It was close to a million of dollars which has been donated to various needful parties. In June 2014, Ong Kean Swan took his philanthropic work to the next level by co-founding the Persatuan Semangat Rakyat Malaysia (PSRM) with Y.A.M Tengku Puteri Dato' Seri Hjh Zahariah, which is now leading a nearly 1000 SureWin4U members to follow suit. Coming to step into the 2nd year since the inception, Ong Kean Swan is gearing up to fly SUREWIN4U Flag even higher. Stay tuned. . SureWin4U This is a wealth sharing platform that promises to Transform your lifetime expenses into income! Realize your lifetime dream and glory! Assist you to achieve financial freedom, dream lifestyle and self excellence! A first-of-its-kind opportunity that provides you a means to make every of your cents and dollars spent worth MORE via its The first Wave ~ Earn While You Learn, read on to find out more, and The Next Wave ~ Earn While You Spend and Convert your Lifetime Expenses into Income. See this post.

To the Next Level of Charity - PSRM - founded by Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan

Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan, has successfully blended the good culture of promoting charities in SureWin4U group, as there are a lot of members who have followed suit the good deed and engage themselves in various charities work. So this is another recent happening which has taken their good efforts to the next level. PSRM (Persatuan Semangat Rakyat Malaysia), co-founded by Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan and Y.A.M Tengku Puteri Dato' Seri Hjh Zahariah, is a charity society founded with a noble mission to better the well-being of the society through charities work. Assistance will be extended to those under-privileged or less abled ones such as orphanages, old folk homes, families who cannot support education fees of their children etc. Best news of all is the aid is not restricted to any one race, but is open to all who need help. An official launch had just taken place at Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 18th June 2014, and on the spot financial aid was given to three different associations right away, with the sum up to RM30,000 in total. The benefited are Persatuan Kebajikan Ti-Ratana, Jawatankuasa Kebajikan dan Hal-Ehwal Wanita Santubong, and Majlis Kebajikan dan Sukan Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia. What worth noting is that this is not a sole demonstration of Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan's good endeavours for the well-being of society, instead there are also a good many 1,000 members coming from 21 countries who voluntarily registered themselves as members of this society, and they will participate in all sorts of charities works organised by this society. The members also made presence at the official launching ceremony, and as recognition for their dedication, each of them was awarded a certificate from Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan. One of the donation givings by Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan and Tengku Puteri Zahariah The 1000 members posed with their certification in hands The press reporting the good work