Thursday, May 21, 2015

Let's get to the gist of the MIRACLE!

SureWin4U - Juz another Miracle? I am not sure how Baccarat game sounds familiar to you. In Baccarat game, the outcome is either "Banker" or "Player", hence majority will think that the winning chance of betting at any one side is 50% only. And therefore I believe most people without exception will be dumbfounded when they are told that there exist a secret formula that promise 99.8% of guaranteed win rates in the Baccarat game. 99.8% is only 0.2% away from 100%. So to them, this sounds like none other than a Sure-Win game. Yes I want to reveal the truth to you that there really is such secret winning recipe in the market, and on top of it, it has been selling like a hot cake today. The recipe maker, the “SureWin4U Group” who created this close to a "miraculous magic" had successfully transformed it into a business platform aka the Earn While You Learn programme, for many to tap on, exploit and leverage to the fullest to achieve their financial freedom. The mastermind behind this creative wonder is none other than the CEO, Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan and his brother, the Premier Consultant, Dato Ong Tong Swan. They are Malaysian Chinese who pledged to assist thousands of people from being perished on the betting tables due to the fatal human evils - greed and fear. Having been dubbed as the God of Baccarat in Cambodia in 2009, Dato Ong Tong Swan did not just take pride in this gifted talent, instead he decided to take one big step forward to make this gift a fortune that can be shared to many people. Hence the Ong brothers founded SureWin4U, and created the Casino Realization System that embeds the winning essence of the recipe. Then, to scale up this business, they had to groom a team of professional baccarat experts also known as the Live Gaming Tables, put them through professional trainings before they can be deployed to work. If you want to LEARN the secret recipe, enroll for their course with a paying fee. However, for anyone who has attended their 99.80% Beginner's Class, you will not forget what Teacher Ong (Ong Tong Swan) has never emphasized enough, that is do not play the game on your own even you have already learned about the 99.80% formula, as besides techniques, what it takes to consistently win in this game is the mental qualities to conquer the ugly Fear and Greed, which as the matter of fact ones could be so easily deprived of the self-control against them on the betting table if ones bet with their own money. If so, what is the purpose to pay and take away this recipe? Yes there is. By learning about the solid viability of this recipe, you will have no doubt but boosted confidence in their Casino Realization System, a system that exist to help you deploy the recipe to the fullest. You will entrust in the system and the Live Gaming Tables to play the games professionally and beautifully on your behalf. They do not have any emotional attachments as they are hired to work for you. What worth being underscored here is that if you are able to detect any flaw in the recipe, and prove your stand, your paid fee will be refunded fully on the spot. But so far noone has ever done that, simply because the recipe is FLAWLESS. All the above illustrated the Learn part, what and how do you Earn then? Well, this is the first-of-its-kind business model that promise to give you consistent CONSUMER REBATES after you have signed up for their course. Depending on the value of course package you signed up for, the group has a set of rules to decide how and when the rebates is returned to you. But the best part of all is, the total rebates you are going to get in the entire period is MORE THAN 2 times of the course fee you paid in the first place. Tell me where else can you find such a good deal? In a nutshell, you Learn by attending a paid-fee course, and without having to do anything else, you Earn the consumer rebates! Visit this post here to find out how this idea has been integrated in their first business model - Earn while you Learn. Under the lead of the Ong brothers, SureWin4U Group since its inception in 2012 July, has now made its strong presence in 22 countries. See this post. Unprecedented, revolutionary, daring, ground-breaking, or sound-too-good-to-be-true? Regardless of how people would like to describe it, this wealth vehicle has been on the move and hopped on by many who have seen it, believed it and eventually transformed their life entirely for the better because of it! Last but not least, Miracle will only be seen by those who are willing to open their hearts to embrace it.

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