Thursday, May 21, 2015

The First Wave ~ Earn While You Learn 上课有钱赚!

SureWin4U CEO ~ Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan is a legendary icon famed for his creation of SureWin4U, a remarkable achievement which have transformed many people's life. He is a Malaysian Chinese born in Penang. Not settled his life to an ordinary path which most people are pursuing, at a very young age of 20, Ong Kean Swan already showed his gift for entrepreneurship and business acumen by joining a famous MLM company Melilea. Given his hard work, Ong Kean Swan achieved a highly creditable result as he became Malaysia’s youngest Crown manager in this industry. From 20 to 30, he has gone through a lot of ups and downs in life, some pushing him to the peaks, yet some sinking him to the rock bottom of life. However each ordeal only turned out to be the fruits of labor, which regardless sweet or bitter, had made Ong Kean Swan emerged even better and stronger. To know more, please visit this blog. Finally Ong Kean Swan appeared in this arena again in July 2012 at his prime age of 29, and this time he portrayed an unprecedentedly marvelous creation, the SureWin4U. He is now leading a good many people as close to 130,000, across 22 countries towards attaining their financial freedom by leveraging on this shared wealth platform wholeheartedly. In 2013, Ong Kean Swan was awarded the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) by the Sultan of Pahang, Ahmad Shah which entitled him to use the honorific Dato’. In March 2014, the Malaysian government, at Ong's behest, issued a letter stating that Ong Kean Swan had no adverse record. View this post for the latest happening of Ong Kean Swan. Ong Kean Swan was also noted for his philanthropy, in which the SureWin4U charity work has so far reached out to many charity societies, locally or abroad. It was close to a million of dollars which has been donated to various needful parties. In June 2014, Ong Kean Swan took his philanthropic work to the next level by co-founding the Persatuan Semangat Rakyat Malaysia (PSRM) with Y.A.M Tengku Puteri Dato' Seri Hjh Zahariah, which is now leading a nearly 1000 SureWin4U members to follow suit. Coming to step into the 2nd year since the inception, Ong Kean Swan is gearing up to fly SUREWIN4U Flag even higher. Stay tuned. . SureWin4U This is a wealth sharing platform that promises to Transform your lifetime expenses into income! Realize your lifetime dream and glory! Assist you to achieve financial freedom, dream lifestyle and self excellence! A first-of-its-kind opportunity that provides you a means to make every of your cents and dollars spent worth MORE via its The first Wave ~ Earn While You Learn, read on to find out more, and The Next Wave ~ Earn While You Spend and Convert your Lifetime Expenses into Income. See this post.

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