Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Next Wave ~ Convert your Lifetime Expenses into Income! 衣食住行有钱赚!

By the post title itself, it already delivers a revolutionary idea, isn't it? It is not a totally brand-new idea that when you spend you earn, as today there are a lot of consumer cards or programs available that give rebates upon your own purchases. But this is still quite limited and standalone concept, ie you earn on what you spend only. How about if any of your friends spend a cent, YOU EARN too? Will this be an eye-opening concept? Imagine, this could go big and viral easily as everyone is connected via social media today, and any good deal can be so easily shared in a split of seconds. Yes this is what this wave is all about! They spend, but you EARN through the CONSUMER REBATES the company pays to you! So in a nutshell, this will be the phenomena when this wave fully overwhelm us, On every spending of you OR your friend, You Earn! How much you earning will depend on how big your network is! And the crucial point is, these benefits could come from any aspect of one's basic needs - food, clothing, property, transport. This is a passive and steady income to anybody! This is indeed a good news to all consumers who no longer solely exchange money for goods or services, yet at the same time enjoy the sharing of the profit. Also a good news to all affiliated merchants who will no longer having to win the competition edge within their own means but they will be backed by the support of a solid and robust pool of membership via the affiliation with SureWin4U who will be so enthusiastically engaged due to the attractive Spend-and-Earn program. SureWin4U under the lead of Dato Ong Kean Swan will be the trailblazer of this ultimate win-win business model - the Network Enterprise ideology, that completely overturns the conventional concept of goods/services supply and demand. The era of Network Enterprise has finally arrived! Browse through the pictures below to have a feel of how far reaching this concept has been implemented, in the consumption of Clothing, Food, Car, Property, Coffee, Crystal, Jewelry, Locker, Insurance. However this is just the humble beginning of their journey with a lot more in the pipeline. Miracle exist in great minds! Visit this post for the First Wave ~ Earn while you Learn.

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