Thursday, May 21, 2015

SureWin4U - A strong presence in 22 countries!

Surewin4u now has made its presence in the following markets: 1)Malaysia 2)Mainland China 3)Indonesia 4)Singapore 5)Brunei 6)Hong Kong 7)Taiwan 8)Japan 9)Thailand 10)India 11) Macau 12)United Kingdom 13)United State 14)Canada 15)Poland 16)France 17)New Zealand 18) Norway 19) Hungary 20) South Korea 21) Iraq 22) Sri Lanka A strong foothold in a total of 22 countries with over 130,000 members in just 2 years' time! Below is a full coverage of its recent Recognition Rally at Suntec City, Singapore on 1st May 2014, joined by over 3000 members coming from 21 countries, with 8 of them successfully top the chart with their brilliant and remarkable results, with each having generated an accumulative revenue of over HKD100 millions since day one of their joining in this AMAZING platform! Thanks to Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan for making all these happen with his outstanding leadership and his diligent hard work!

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