Thursday, May 21, 2015

Great Minds Think Alike

The below is my personal observation. Before I present an good opportunity to you, I need to overturn some of your deep-rooted mindset. I cannot agree with you more that, everyone with no exception is ANTI gambling, for too many real-life sad stories painting about the tragic life of a hard-core gambler. They perish, they live in great despair and hopelessness at the bottom of their life, etc..But here is something I want to bring to you, a brand-new message, which will overturn this conventional thought about the other side of this ugly facet. It is undoubtedly true that, a hard-core gambler who is only good at betting on sheer lucks with no or little and unproven techniques is undoubtedly doomed to perish sooner or later, for without proper training, it is human nature to easily succumb to GREED and FEAR. Yes gamblers do not know what is DISCIPLINE, as they do not undergo any proper training to emphasize to them this is THE ONLY KEY to the winning! I believe up to this point we are still on the same page. But what I want to share here is the other bright sight of the truth, a totally different phenomena, presented by the so many casinos and lottery operators which prosper and make lucrative profits ALL THE WAY! They are also in this gaming business, aren't they, but WHY? What is the secret here that make them so different? That is because the casinos have never wanted to gamble with the masses! Whether you are aware of it or not, they always have the upper hand of all games, because each game is iteratively tested with articulate mathematical calculation to make sure ACES are always on their side. They prosper because they are doing it in a right way, that is doing business with you, but not gambling with you. The key to their winning is the NON-GAMBLING methods and strategies backed by solid calculation of “probabilities”, "risk", “psychology” and “the law of numbers". Probably to some, what unfolded here are the naked truths which are neither new nor uncommon to them. But it cannot be emphasized enough without the real figures or numbers happening on the ground as quoted here..this headline in the newspaper could not resonate more perfectly well with the truth revealed here ~ Singapore casinos produce $6 billion in gaming revenue in 2013 alone! So you know the difference! Gambling or Not Gambling! A big stark difference. Non-gambling is in fact equivalent to doing business, a business which base on a tightly intertwined integration of the correct method, strategy, operation and mentality. So, will any system prosper just like them, if were to adopt the same strategies? And if there exists one, and when such opportunity is present to you, telling you, "hey, you can be part of this lucrative gaming business, just like them, the professional casinos", will you want to give yourself a chance to learn more, or just turn away despite knowing all these facts above? I have just come across this opportunity, an eye-opening opportunity that make the seemingly impossible POSSIBLE! They rely on the same GREAT MINDS of these lucrative business players! Hereby let me reveal to you, the SureWin4U Casino Realisation System which is under the lead of Dato Sri Ong Kean Swan. It is a great platform that leverages on the same great minds of the casino big shots and therefore they have made a great fortune from it. They are on the right track of mentality, hence unquestionably they will only harvest the same fruits of success.

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